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    Greek lamb chops from Evanston restaurant Cross Rhodes

Evanston restaurant Cross-Rhodes serves Greek and American food.Cross~Rhodes is an Evanston restaurant serving authentic Greek & American cuisine.

Cross~Rhodes is currently offering dine-in, delivery and takeout. To place an order please call us at 847-475-4475 or 847-475-4477 to place an order. Cash or check only.

Locally and family owned since 1984, Cross-Rhodes was the dream of Chicago entrepreneur, Jeff Russell. Jeff’s goal was to share his love of Greece and its culinary treasures with Evanston and the Chicago area. His secret was simple: combine authentic recipes with genuine service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Cross~Rhodes was born and has become a favorite restaurant for families throughout Evanston, Chicago, and the North Shore for more than 35 years.

The menu features authentic Greek dishes, including lamb chops, gyros, souvlaki, mousaka, pastitsio, Greek-styled chicken, feta and olives, greek salads, pita sandwiches and much more. There is also a strong presence of American classics like the Cross~Rhodes charburger, fried shrimp, and bbq chicken.

The front dining room looks out onto bustling Chicago Avenue in Evanston and an open-air kitchen allows for diners to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the amazing Greek & American fare.

The restaurant’s home was built in 1895 as a meat packing plant. To read more about Cross~Rhodes restaurant, click HERE.

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To say that you get more than you pay for at this Greek joint is an obscene understatement. It’s not just that the portions are huge—it’s that the food is well-spiced and fresh…. it’s a refreshing change from most Greek spots. And refreshing for vegetarians, too, with its veggie versions of rich moussaka and pastitsio.

Cross-Rhodes in Evanston serves reasonable priced, tasty Greek fare. For what you’d pay for appetizers in Greektown, you can have a sizeable entree here. Choose among a roster of salads that you can top with feta, souvlaki, chicken and more for a nice protein punch. Two fisted sandwiches include gyros, pork souvlaki and a Rhodes burger – half pound burger with your choice of cheese and gyros slices on top.

Everyone was smitten with the food.

This Greek-American spot has served specialties like mousaka and spanakopita since 1984 in suburban Evanston. Located inside one of the area’s oldest buildings — a meat packing plant built in 1895 — Cross-Rhodes remains a local favorite even after the passing of founder Jeff Russell in 2012.

The one thing that’s traditional at Cross-Rhodes is the good food and the warm atmosphere.